Take control of your business-critical Information Management. With ViewSet products and solutions, your mission critical data is working for you, minimizing the risk of lost opportunities and avoiding the frustrations of data size limitations.

ViewSet leverages the strength of a SQL-based RDBMS such as Oracle or MySQL to provide a safe, secure repository for your information. ViewSet  drastically reduces the main source of deployment & administration costs as there is no installation necessary on client workstations. This avoids the dependence on System Administrators to install & administer the main client component on every engineers workstation.

What are the attributes that make a software tool an Enterprise level solution? Thin Client, Fast Speed, Low Network Latency, Efficient Bandwidth utilization, Massive data capacity, Attribute Flexibility, Intuitive Design, Requirements Science capable, etc. Many vendors claim their products can be used at an Enterprise level but fail to implement many of the required capabilities. ViewSet uses these attributes as a solid foundation.

ViewSet is a global solutions provider and we offer a large array of products and solutions to solve complex business problems, achieve key objectives and more effectively manage the automation of your business process and informational assets. We are leaders in business productivity software and services, we provide a technology platform and market-leading intergatrions services to help you meet the daily demands of your growing business.