PACE Training

ViewSet offers a number of training options to our customers, including custom course design.

The introductory training course is two days for PACE Professional and three days fo r PACE Enterprise. Both courses provide an overview of the PACE, how to adapt PACE to your processes and the feature of the version you have purchased.

Students will turn course theory into practice using a set of exercises designed to give participants hands-on practice in the PACE environment.

Advanced courses can be designed based on your requirements, please contact your local ViewSet sales team.

Who Should Attend:

Managers, engineers, users, customers, developers, and other stakeholders - anyone involved in any aspect of requirement development, review, and implementation.



Two Day PACE Professional User Training

  • Training Introduction
  • PACE Overview
  • How PACE Fits your Process
  • Detailed Components of PACE
  • Navigating the PACE Tool
  • Getting your Requirement into PACE
  • Linking your Requirements
  • Reporting on your Requirements
  • Additional Features of PACE Pro
  • Hands on exercises.

Three Day PACE Enterprise User Training

The training course for the Enterprise version adds the following components:

  • Course Management
  • Document Management
  • Survey Creation

One Day PACE Administrator Training

This one day course on the PACE administration will provide all the information necessary to install, create and manage your program. -Students will turn course theory into practice using a set of exercises designed to give participants hands-on practice in the PACE environment


  • Server Installation
  • Project Creation
  • Roll Creation
  • User Creation
  • Information Modeler
  • Email administration
  • Access Restrictions


FLOW Training

ViewSet offers a selection of training formats for the FLOW product.

The training sessions are based on your organization's customization of FLOW.  The training sessions are centered around the individual roles in the organization and the defined business rules.  A separate Administration module covers the setting up of new users, security and general administration tasks.

On-Site Training

A team of ViewSet staff perform on-site training at either the client premises, or over at ViewSet's offices.

Web-based Training

ViewSet offers interactive web-based training. Using WebEx, Centra or other web-based training applications, users are introduced to the functions and features of their FLOW implementation quickly and efficiently. This model works best for workforces that are geographically dispersed.