Paperless Solutions for Your Enterprise

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ViewSet’s FLOW product suite could be your answer. FLOW is a powerful asset-management framework that can be rapidly configured to automate and control business practices across a broad range of industries. FLOW allows our customers to meet their key business goals and gain competitive advantage through automation of their business processes in an online, web-based environment, seamlessly connecting all of the stakeholders (customers, partners, contractors, suppliers and employees) to allow collaboration, and to achieve the shared goals of the team. FLOW has helped our customers dramatically reduce cost and improve productivity. Decision and actions are made and managed in a structured, secure and controlled real-time environment.

The FLOW framework is a product of many years of experience designing data management systems. It provides an intuitive, elegant yet powerful platform that you can use to define efficient and effective solutions to manage your business assets. With FLOW there is nothing new to learn, and no need to re-define the way you work. FLOW will afford you full oversight of your business, enable you to define and enforce workflow processes, simplify standard processes, and effectively eliminate paper-intensive, multi-step inefficiencies within your organization. Organizations have immediate visibility of all of their assets and of the location where each asset currently resides in its defined lifecycle. Based on the state of an asset at any point in its lifecycle, and on the actions of a responsible party at that stage, FLOW dynamically manages and activates the actions that can be taken and accelerates information through your organization. This enforces a structured workflow that’s fully configurable, based on your business processes.

FLOW can be delivered at a fraction of the cost and in dramatically shorter timescales than other (historically larger, more bulky, more complicated, more expensive) solutions. Let FLOW quickly replace your organization’s paperbased forms, processing, routing, sign-offs and archives with a better, faster true eBusiness solution that delivers a rapid Return On Investment (ROI).

By design, FLOW is an intuitive, easy to use solution that can be given to all members of the organization; both technical and non-technical staff. The user interface is modeled after the Microsoft Windows, Internet Explorer paradigm, such that training for new users is minimal. FLOW is fully webenabled, such that all the functions are accessible from a familiar, easy to use interface. Internally, FLOW leverages open, international standards (e.g. SQL), thus providing easy interoperability, connectivity and compatibility with your latest systems as well as your existing, legacy tools. FLOW manages its own data through industrial-strength databases.

Across all industries, companies are moving their business processes into online systems; to reduce costs and improve efficiency - connecting all the stakeholders and providing real time data to the organization. An advanced security model within FLOW controls which people can access specific information and what actions can be taken, and such actions are recorded using Digital Signatures based on the latest, powerful encryption technology. FLOW can store your business-critical data in on one or multiple servers (with optional redundant back up systems, clustering servers, and load-balancing services) so that your information can be accessed quickly, securely and reliably anytime from anywhere by authorized users.