FLOW connects people directly to business processes, creating a seamless eBusiness environment to lower cost and improve efficiency across the enterprise. FLOW solutions can give your business the competitive advantage it needs for a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions. Why should your organization wait years when ViewSet can deliver your solution today?

Easy, Simple & Intuitive

  • Easy to learn: If you can use a web browser you can use FLOW!
  • Easy to use: Simple, user friendly, intuitive interfaces.
  • Easy to deploy and administer: No client software to install. Avoid the costs & delays of depending on
    system administrators.

True Enterprise Solution

  • One consolidated solution for all your information management needs.
  • Define and enforce business processes across the organization.
  • Bring together & empower your teams no matter where they are located.
  • Scaleable to include terabytes of data & thousands of simultaneous users.

Safe, Secure & Accessible

  • FLOW leverages industry leading databases to ensure your business critical data is secure, in a fail
    safe, and robust environment.
  • An Advanced Security Model controls access & use of your business critical data
  • Fail safe, redundant servers protect your business critical data.