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Organizations can benefit greatly by using a requirements management application which supports both traditional and Agile methodologies. Agile methodologies are frequently weak at requirements management, and yet depend heavily on clearly defined requirements. A common repository with real-time access for collaborative review of the requirements, use-case/test-case creation, traceability and baselining makes management of requirements simpler and less error prone than spread sheets or a data base.

Agile Developers treat the customer requirements as transient objects, which are disposed of once the Sprint is complete, often resulting in an over-reliance on the resulting artefacts and the collective knowledge of the team to track requirements. However, when working with complex, fast-moving and/or long-lived applications, new functionality must integrate with existing functionality, and the dependencies and impacts of changes need to be clearly analysed. Under these circumstances no single person is likely to clearly remember all the details of existing, reusable functionality.

If requirements are not properly captured and managed, there is a greater chance that existing functionality becomes re-implemented with subtle and unintentional differences, and the team\'s ability to determine the impact and dependencies of new changes on existing functionality will be limited. Using a requirements management tool that provides strong support to capture, manage and analyse the impact of changing requirements can go a long way to incorporating Agile approaches into the development of complex applications with significant history.

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